Possibilities of surface modification of textile materials and polymer films by the deposition of nano-coatings using magnetron ion-plasma sputtering are considered. Technical characteristics of the new industrial equipment for these processes are presented. Examples of materials thus produced are given and the prospects of the new technology are discussed.


Expansion of the application field of textile materials is associated with the demand for new properties which are not always provided by traditional processing technologies. Some specific properties are required to be imparted to a thin surface layer of a textile material, leaving intact its bulk characteristics. Many such tasks are solved by means of plasmachemical treatment, which changes the composition and structure of a thin surface layer of the material and thus affects the wettability, adhesiveness, biocompatibility, and other surface characteristics. An efficient method of surface modification of textile and polymer film materials is the deposition of nanolayers of metals or metal compounds. Among layer deposition technologies, a particular place belongs to magnetron sputtering which is applied for the fabrication of microelectronic devices, as well as for the deposition of decorative and protective surface coatings on metals, ceramics, glass, and plastics.

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