Dear Sirs,

       Having a sincere wish to establish long term mutually beneficial business ties with you we are presenting you a production works “IVTECHNOMASH”.

       The machine works is situated on an area of 1,5 hectares; it has a production building, an engineering building and store rooms.

The characteristic of manufacture

              The works has a machine-building production, which is fit up with universal metal-working equipment able to perform practically every kind of working parts with a weight up to 3 tones and a length up to 5 m, as well as an area for producing metal structures. Weight of the metal structures can reach to 8 tones with dimensions up to 10 meters.

       Our works is experienced in the field of producing equipment for textile factories, as well as for a number of machine-building companies of Russia..

       The engineering personnel of the “Ivtechnomash”Ltd. are experienced in development and creation of unique equipment for plasma-chemical treatment of any textile materials, as well as polymer films to improve their wettability and adhesive properties. An experimental workshop for metallization of textile materials and films by plasma sputtering has been founded on the territory of the works. An experimental industrial magnetron sputtering machine UMN-180, which was developed and built by “Ivtechnomash”, provides metal coating of textile materials and films up to 170 cm width. Depending on composition of an sputtered layer the metallized textile materials have wonderful decorative, antistatic, disinfectant, reflective, and shielding properties. The range of using such materials is very wide. It includes the using for interior decoration, top garment production (an order of the famous Italian fashion houses stylists has been executed recently), for bed linen.

        Such fabrics can be used for shielding electromagnetic radiation from different sources: from computers and mobile telephones to high-power antenna feeder devices. The fabrics and films metalized by us can be used for production of special sets for camouflage of different objects from electronic reconnaissance. Fabrics and non-woven materials coated by silver have wonderful bactericidal properties and can be used, for example, for water treatment or in the medicine.

        We can sputter thin films of aluminium, titanium, stainless steel, copper, silver, bronze, titanium nitride, titanium dioxide etc. onto synthetic fabrics and nonwovens as well as onto glass fabrics and polymer films of any composition. We’ll consider any requests of our customers carefully.

       The “Ivtechnomash”Ltd. takes an orders for metal coating of synthetic fabrics and synthetic nonwoven materials as well as glass fabrics and polymer films.

       We are ready to consider all your proposals for collaboration in the fields of metalware production and metal coating of textile materials and films.

       If we don’t produce some metal specialties you need we’ll apply all our forces to develop them and to reach a requested quality. Please contact us and we are sure that we’ll find a reasonable solution.