IvTechnoMash LtdMetallized fabrics and films



Dear Sirs, Having a sincere wish to establish long term mutually beneficial business ties with You we are presenting You a production works IVTECHNOMASH. The machine works is situated on an area of 1,5 hectares; it has a production building, an engineering building and store rooms.

The characteristic of manufacture

The works has a machine-building production, which is fit up with universal metal-working equipment able to perform practically every kind of working parts with a weight up to 3 tones and a length up to 5 m, as well as an area for producing metal structures. Weight of the metal structures can reach to 8 tones with dimensions up to 10 meters. Our works is experienced in the field of producing equipment for textile factories, as well as for a number of machine-building companies of Russia.



Metallized fabrics

A new method metallization of textile materials by ion – plasma sputtering developed by us allows to produce synthetic fabrics with a wonderful “metallic” luster. Thin films of the real metal or alloy are deposited at the fabric’s surface giving to the fabrics a noble and original nuance, for example, pearl color, luster of titanium, stainless steel, gold, silver, aluminium, bronze etc. The specified colors and nuances are impossible to obtain by no one of the famous nowadays methods for treatment of textile fabrics: dyeing, pigment printing, metallizing by means of electrolyte solutions, thermal vacuum deposition.

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Metallized film

The industrial machine allows to metallize polymer films (polyethylene -terephtalate, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyimide, polycarbonate etc.) up to 170 cm width and thickness from 12 microns and more. It is possible to coat by aluminium, copper, silver, stainless steel, titanium, titanium nitride etc.

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